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There are a lot of blowers in the market. Many people look for blowers that are versatile. They should be quiet, efficient and economical. But there are very few products in the market that satisfy in this way. This product efficiently blows away leaves, debris, and snow and even cleans gutters. The new Makita Cordless Blower is the perfect tool for you. It is light, easy to use and efficient. It lends a great helping hand to you for all cleaning purposes.

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Features and Specifications:Makita-XBU01Z-Cordless-Blower

This is a chargeable blower, which means no refueling and no hassles of gas. It is one of the most unique items in the market. Here are some amazing features which will help you decide:

Compact Design: The new Makita blower is designed in such a way that it is easy and safe for you. The biggest perk in this product is that it is cordless. This means there is absolutely no trouble with cord and extensions. You can easily carry it anywhere you want, without having to worry about the reachability of a wire. It means it also makes it safe from tripping and power accidents. This makes it both safe and convenient.

Good Power Management: Apart from being safe, it is also very efficient. It has rechargeable, removable batteries, but these batteries are large. This means that a single full charge makes it good to go for two to three uses.  This not only makes it convenient, but also very economical. This is because there are no costs of fuel or electricity.

Flawless Working: The blower works flawlessly. The batteries are high powered, which makes the fan have a high speed f almost 208 MPH. This is more than enough for blowing away all kinds of hard debris and waste as well. The best part is that it works effectively on both dry and wet places. This means you can easily clean your rockeries, fountains and even gutters.

Maximum Comfort: The new Makita blower gives comfort in all areas. It is light, which makes it easy to carry and store. It is easy and safe to use because of its design. It totally noiseless and odorless, due to which using it is a smooth and enjoyable experience . There is easily adjusted, hardly any maintenance required, which makes it last for a long time in a good condition. The speeds can be adjusted, but they stay where you adjust them.

Pros and Cons:


  • Cordless
  • Light
  • Easy to use
  • Very economical
  • Portable
  • Easy to maintain.


  • The batteries are difficult to pull out for charging
  • A slight vibration produces some unease while using

What customers say about it?

Most customers were very happy with the purchase. Most customers say that it has been helpful and is a versatile product. Because of the great efficiency, the customers gave it 4.8 out of 5 stars.

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It is an all-rounder and versatile machine that combats all your cleaning and lawn keeping problems. There are hardly any drawbacks. It is a very safe product and cuts back on maintenance, fuel and energy costs. All in all, a must have.