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There are many blowers in the market but no one makes blowers as great as Makita. They have the best blower technologies and innovation in the market, and they are a trustworthy brand for blowers. Their new product is the Makita 75.6CC 4 stroke Blower, and as promised, it delivers fully. They have enhanced the design to give maximum efficiency with minimum emissions as well as lower fuel consumption. It has a smoother and more silent operation. For anyone who wants to purchase a new blower, this product is one to consider.

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Features and Specifications:Makita-BBX7600N-Backpack-Blower

In order to be completely transparent, and to make the customer knowledgeable a detailed product overview is important. This makes the customer completely satisfied about the product. The Makita 4 stroke blower is a must have for any household or business with landscaping and lawn keeping needs. Following are the reasons why:

A new Technology: Unlike most blowers in the market, the new Makita blower features a 4stroke engine rather than a traditional 2 stroke. The best part about the four stroke motor is that is does not need a fuel mix, which means lesser fuel consumption, lesser harmful emissions but smoother operations.

Economic: Due to the latest motor design it consumes lesser fuel than any other motor, because it does need fuel mix, and hence gas isn’t burned uselessly. Also there are no waste gases, which is a clear indication that more gas is used than wasted. Also the efficiency is at a maximum, which means gas isn’t wasted. This makes it very economical as refueling isn’t done as many times as with other blowers.

Ease of Use: There are no bamboozling knobs and buttons to confuse you. it is an easy to use machine, and built for easy storage and portability.

Easy on the Body:  It has been designed to give maximum comfort to the body, whether it is your back, your arms, your hands or your fingers. The pipe and tube are made of a soft leathery material, which makes holding and handling easy. Plus the design is light, so it can be easily carried wherever you want without straining your back. The lightness also makes it easy to carry. The wide, snug straps make it easy to wear on shoulders while working. Also, the back panel has a full padding to provide maximum comfort.

Pros and Cons


  • New 4 stroke engine
  • Less harmful emissions
  • Very efficient
  • Consumes less fuel
  • Light and easy to carry
  • No smell


  • Some noise
  • Wet leaves get stuck sometimes

What customers say?

Most customers have completely said goodbye to old products and embraced the new Makita. They are especially happy with the fact that it consumes less gas but gives more efficiency than other blower. Overall it has been met with positive response. The ratings are 4.7 out of 5.

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If you prefer efficiency and delivery over everything else, this is the product for you. Powerful and efficient, it does the work for you without almost any effort. It is a must buy.